CarnLIVal Bloggers Event

On Saturday 8th April, I was invited to the CarnLIVal blogging event, coordinated by the lovely Katy and Sam. The event was in aid of Student Minds and St Rocco’s Hospice, by donating sanitary/hygiene products to those in need. We also paid a small stipend to attend, which ensured us a place and a raffle ticket to win amazing prizes, the rest being donated.

I don’t often go to blogging events for two reasons. 1. I work flexi shifts and never have much time and 2. I’m so awkward at these things. I mean seriously, I don’t know what I’m doing with myself and cling on to the people I do know like a sad little limpet.


But, this was for a good cause and I do need to put myself out there more, so I got my shit together and went.

The day was hot, as it always seems to be on the Grand National day, and I made my way into Liverpool, feeling slightly bitter that it was so summer-y in April. The event was held at the prestigious Hope Street Hotel in Liverpool city centre. Outside, it seemed way out of my pay scale and having never been there before, I felt slightly intimidated by how fancy it was.

We were led up to an event space on one of the top floors, which had a huge balcony that overlooked the city. The view was lovely but, I am SO scared of heights. I sat out there, but made sure I was nowhere near the edge.


Katy and Sam decorated the room in an Easter theme, with confetti filled balloons, and a myriad of other sweet small details. They even created a SnapChat filter for the occasion!




We were greeted with an easter egg with a raffle ticket inside and a free (yes, free) power bank each, which the pair had so kindly charged fully, ready for us to use during the event if required. I chose a Pokemon themed power bank and it’s adorable.


The day was fairly structured, with a few activities but still allowing for the bloggers to mingle. There was an Easter Egg hunt, which I failed – mostly because I forgot halfway through that I was supposed to be doing something. But I still managed to snag a couple of eggs for later :3 There was also the chance to buy prizes from the Naughty or Nice bags. I picked two from each and snagged myself two packets of sweets, two Nyx Suede Lip Creams, a pair of socks and tube of lube from Smile Makers 😏


Afterwards, Charlotte, the executive sales manager, took us on a tour of the hotel. Boy, is that place out of my prize range. She told us that they’d had some pretty famous guests such as Hugh Grant and Condoleezza Rice (!). It’s throughly modern and up to date, with a lot of clean, fresh features and simply gorgeous bathrooms. I was seriously in love with the view. Then, Charlotte told us that the rooms start from £89pn, and suites can go for up to £495pn.



After the tour, we had a quick speech from guest speaker, Deborah Morgan. Deborah wrote Disappearing Home and explained how she found her passion in life, and it had not been what she had expected. Having gone from dress making, to teaching and now writing books, plays and music; she inspired us to never quit reaching. I also snagged one of the CDs she wrote the songs lyrics for. I’ve not listened to it just yet, but I’m looking forward to it.


There was also a poetry competition. The bloggers were challenge to write a poem about the day and I loved hearing some of the great pieces. The winners got some amazing prizes including the opportunity to go husky sledding.


Finally, came the raffle. I love blogger raffles as literally everyone always gets a prize. It doesn’t matter what it is, but everyone goes home with a little something and no one can feel left out. This time, I won a body wash and body lotion set by Crabtree & Evelyn.


The biggest surprise for me (although everyone else already knew how amazing Katy and Sam’s events are) were the gift bags. We had one from DermaV10, who had a small stall in the event, one from Fentimans filled with snacks and drinks and a beauty gift bag with brands ranging from Technic to Makeup Geek.


I felt spoilt rotten. I seriously love everything in the bags and I’m honestly still in shock at how much stuff all these amazing brands donated in aid of these two charities. Katy and Sam did an amazing job and I’m so grateful to have been given the opportunity to take part.



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