Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Foundation

Recently, I got my foundation match at the No7 counter in my local Boots and it was a massive disappointment. Whether the girl just didn’t give a shit, or the foundation is actually rubbish remains to be seen. The colour was pretty good, but the final finish put me off. I was streaky and cakey as hell. So, that went out of the window and I decided to test some of the other foundations brands whilst I was in the shop.

I headed to the Maybelline stand as I hadn’t had one of their foundations that wasn’t Dream Touch Mousse (bleh), and I’d heard rave reviews about their Fit Me Matte and Poreless foundation on Youtube. As with most Boots, people steal the testers or smear the product everywhere so I didn’t actually get to sample it and left, a little annoyed.

Not put off, I ordered it from the Superdrug website (my new home from home) after spending probably too much time deliberating over the shade. According to Superdrugs’ foundation checker, I was 110 Porcelain, so I went with that.


When it arrived, the tube was a little bit lighter in weight than I’d anticipated and you don’t get much product for your money. I had to squeeze it quite a lot for any to be dispensed. But it only costs £5.99, so it’s definitely affordable to replace. The colour seemed to be quite a good match, even in the tube. I tested a little on the back of my hand and it was fine, blending in nicely. I know you’re supposed to test foundations on your neck but, how tf are you supposed to see it? My hand is a close enough match to my face so I’ll be sticking with that method.

I didn’t wear primer in any of the photos below.

Lately I’ve gone back to foundation brushes. But with spring already here, I want a dewy, light foundation look. So I’ve been applying the first layer with my damp blending sponge. The coverage from one thin layer is definitely light to medium, and when I pat on a second layer, it goes to full medium. The consistency is quite thin, but not overly so and is very easy to blend out. The texture is very much like Bourjois Healthy Mix, or the old Max Factor Lasting Performance (they’ve changed the formula recently and it’s not the same).

Below, I was heading out for dinner with the boyfriend and wanted something a bit more full coverage than I would during the daytime. I still had to conceal around my eyes, as well as any blemishes but it looked nice. I found that my Collection Lasting Perfection is way too light to highlight with this so I went overtop with the Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer. It wasn’t cakey at all, and in fact, looked really natural. I’m terrible at covering my undereyes so they always look a little grey. The foundation needed to be set on my skin (oily combination), but I imagine that anyone with drier skin could get away without setting it at all.


At home, in the mirror and in photos, it was a perfect match but when I checked in the car’s flip down mirror, I looked a little on the tanned side. Whether this was down to the dull light in the car, or my heavy hand with application, I’m not sure. I wore it to work one day and found that it appeared a tiny bit darker when I checked in the bathroom mirror, but there is no natural light in there, so I’m not sure either way.

The thing I was most skeptical about was its claims at making my skin look poreless. I have huge pores on the sides of my nose, so I was pretty convinced it wouldn’t work. I didn’t notice the difference at the time, but looking back at unedited photos, my skin looks almost flawless. My huge pores are still there, but they look significantly smaller. This foundation definitely gets a huge thumbs up for this alone.

If you get close, you can see some of the biggest pores, but I wasn’t going to quibble about that. I have dry eye so my eyes aren’t looking amazing in this photo but trust me – I was okay.


When it comes to its matte qualities, I wasn’t as excited about it. I wasn’t expecting a miracle. My t-zone gets very oily throughout the day; especially if I’m wearing makeup. I applied the foundation at around 11am, before I went to work. I didn’t do any touch ups throughout the day as I knew I wouldn’t have the time, and figured it would be a good test of its longevity.

Just before leaving the house.


At the 3pm check in, I was getting a little shiny between my eyes and on the sides of my nose, but nothing major. I looked exhausted already.


When I got home at 7.30pm, my forehead was very oily and my nose was horribly shiny. Most of the foundation on my forehead and nose had worn away, but my cheeks were still more or less the same.


After a 7 hour shift and almost 9 hours of wear, in a humid environment, on the busiest day on record, it held up pretty well and I am majorly impressed. With a decent primer and setting spray, this could last all day.

Is this the greatest foundation ever? No. But it does what it says on the tin and I actually really like it.



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