Waitrose Pure Hydration Eye Cream

Another month, another eye cream.
It’s sort of becoming a bit of an obsession/worry lately and I’ve been feeling the need to try more and more, in the search for a budget friendly product. Skin care, whilst necessary, is not something I like to spend too much money on. Its seems stupid to skimp on face care and then slap a load of makeup on, eat rubbish and never, ever, drink enough water – only to complain that my skin is terrible. But, I do and will continue to.

Recently, when doing an online shop at Waitrose (get me), they had a bit of discount on their own brand skin care line and I picked up their Pure Hydration Eye Cream and Pure Micellar Water, the latter being a review for another time. On offer, the eye cream cost £2.66, regular price is £4.00 – which is still more than reasonable for skin care.

Most supermarket own brands are a bit lacking. They either smell ok and do a pretty ok job or they smell really nice and do nothing. I wasn’t expecting too much from this, especially since it was so cheap.


It was delivered a few days later and I was moderately impressed. The packaging is lovely, if a bit middle-aged. But for a company known for being expensive and, for lack of a better expression, a bit twatty, it was hardly a surprise. I forgot to take any photos out of the outer packaging, other than on Instagram here, but it stated, Natural Care with Cotton Milk, For Sensitive Skin, Fragrance Free. I don’t typically have sensitive skin, but my eyes themselves are notoriously iffy, so I appreciate something that won’t irritate them.

The product itself is quite small, roughly about the length of a lip balm. The dispenser is a small pump that is pretty sturdy, meaning you don’t squirt out too much and end up wasting a ton of product. Very thoughtful.

The cream is typically white and boring. It’s quite thick in consistency, but once you start blending it becomes easier to work with. You need only a half pea sized blob for both eyes, which means this small bottle will last a while. As for being fragrance free, I can’t say it is. I can definitely smell a hint of that cottony/baby powder smell but it’s nowhere near powerful and I really like it.

To apply, I distribute the product between my two index fingers (for maximum speed/laziness) and dab onto my eye bags, patting it in and around my eyes. I apply any excess product to my upper lids. Within a minute, it sinks into the skin and disappears, leaving your eye area feeling hydrated and soft. I’ve worn it alone and under makeup. Alone it makes me look a little more awake in the mornings and it sits well under concealer, helping it to blend nicely.

After using this twice daily for a month, I have definitely seen an improvement in my undereye area. My bags are a lot less pronounce and the skin is not as papery and thin as it has been. However, it’s not a miracle worker and it will take a lot of work to undo the damage of years of neglect. I often forget that I am actually aging and its come to the point where I can’t take my youth for granted anymore. My face won’t let me.

This eye cream is definitely something that I will repurchase in the future. I’m really impressed with the quality, despite how cheap it is. I would 100% recommend this to anyone with sensitive eyes, as it doesn’t irritate, and its great for lazy people who are into quick and simple skin care.



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