*New* Rimmel Extra Long Lash Mascara

One makeup item I’m never that excited to buy, but can’t do without, is mascara. I used to be a bit of a mascara fiend and had loads on the go, but after culling my makeup collection, I’ve limited myself to the ones I can fit in a small section of my acrylic organiser. Which is currently 4 and I need to chuck at least two of those out.

Rimmel is a brand I always go back to for mascara. They are budget friendly, their formulas don’t irritate my sensitive eyes and I really like their products. I’m a fan of their Extra Super Lash Mascara and headed into Boots, intending to replace it like for like, when I spotted their newest offering; the Extra Long Lash Mascara. My eye lashes aren’t amazing, by any means, and I will take any length, volume or curl I can get. So, obviously, I was suckered into picking it up.


Since then, I haven’t seen it anywhere to purchase. It was only launched in February, so it should be available, but I can’t buy a replacement online with most of the retailers that are mentioned on the Rimmel website. Which is really strange. According to Feelunique, it’s priced at £4.99 but I’m not sure I paid this much in store. It may have been on an introductory offer.


The packaging is similar to the Extra Super Lash and 3D Lash, but with purple instead of grey or green. The wand is also the same as the above mascaras. I prefer these types of wands as they’re quite narrow which means I can get right up in there without smudging it all over my eye lid and lower lash line.

Admittedly, with most Rimmel mascaras, the first time you use them is always the best and they’re never quite as good again. The formula is moderately wet and tends to dry out quickly, especially when its one of the cheaper ones. As my eyes are sensitive and sometimes react badly with mascaras, I don’t mind this too much. I never reach the bottom of the tube anyway.

On the first application, I adored it. I found it very separating and lengthening. I loved how easily it swiped onto my lashes and made them look 10 times better than they naturally appear – whilst still looking moderately natural.

In the photo beloow, I only had on two coats of mascara and managed to smudge my brows everywhere. Sigh.


The next few times I wore this mascara were not as great, but I had been expecting this. I applied a few coats, careful to separate the lashes by doing a zig-zag motion at the root, but this didn’t quite work. It tended to clump my lashes together and I had to resort to one of those dual sided eyebrow/eyelash brushes to fix it. It always seemed to end up like the photo below. Four spikey eyelashes. Some long, some short.


Or, like this, where no matter how much you separate, they just look shit.


For the price, it’s not the worst mascara I’ve tried. The very first use was great and I was hoping it would last longer than its predecessors. Unfortunately, this was not the case and I think it might be time to start investing in high-end eye products for special occasions. For basic, every day makeup, I will most likely continue to reach for the Extra Long Lash Mascara, but I might go back to my favourite Barry M instead.



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