Silicone Brush Cleaner

To clean my makeup brushes, I’ve always used Johnson’s Baby Shampoo and an old soap dish. That’s right, you heard me. A Soap Dish. Obviously, I realised I couldn’t go on this way because it’s just going to be damaging to my brushes and its a bit daft. So, I ordered myself one of those silicone cleansing pads that you suction onto the sink. It bought mine on ebay for around £3.


To use, I simply pour a drop of shampoo onto the pad, wet my brush under running lukewarm water and rub the bristles across the pad. For larger brushes, I use the shapes on one side, and for small eye shadow brushes, I use the lines.


It worked pretty well, although I did have to repeat the process using my foundation brush. I often use it a couple of times, then neglect it for weeks so the product can become a bit stubborn to remove. But, eventually, the water ran clean and my brush was clean as a whistle.


It took me about a quarter of the time to clean all my brushes using the silicone pad, than it did using any other method. I can see myself incorporating the pad into my brush cleaning routine as its easy, quick and simple.

The only downside is the pad is very flimsy and doesn’t quite stick to the sink. You have to make sure it’s on a flat surface before you begin as it slid across the bottom the sink a few times. Other than that, I can’t complain for the price.




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