April Favourites

Honestly, I haven’t been head over heels about anything new this month. I’ve bought a fair bit, sure, but I’ve not tried most of it out yet and the majority of the stuff I have, has been a bit meh. The few things that I really liked, are:

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in London


Okay, so I’ve mentioned a dozen times that I love the soft matte formula. My lips just can’t take those super matte products so its perfect for me. I picked up the shade London in error – I thought I’d grabbed Abu Dhabi, which is a bit darker and has a soft grey undertone. But, by the time I realised what I’d done, I’d already opened the packaging and swatched the colour. Smart. Surprisingly, I loved it. It’s a super pale nude that goes with everything. It’s become my daily lipstick.

Nyx Auto Eyebrow Pencil in Taupe


This is another Nyx product, were I chose the wrong shade and it worked out perfectly. With this one, I spent what felt like an eternity in store swatching, only to go home and order the entirely wrong colour. The taupe is definitely red toned but it works with my hair for nice, day-to-day brow definition. I love that the pencil is oval-shaped as I’m not into harsh lines and it gives me a natural look. It lasts all day and doesn’t smudge, what more can a girl ask for?

Mary Jean Lip Balm in Banana


I received this lip balm at CarnLIVal at the beginning of the month and unfortunately, it hadn’t set properly before shipping. The balm was a gloopy oil. But I was desperate and it smells delicious (not quite banana, but still fruity). I used a tiny little bit and applied to my lips. They were soft and supple for days. This has become a daily staple and I keep it in my bag.

Body Fantasies Body Spray in Sweet Pea


Again, this was a freebie from CarnLival and it smells amazing, like a mix of different fruits. I can definitely pick out grapefruit (my all time favourite), but it has a musky undertone. It’s such a light and refreshing spring time scent that I’m heading online to Superdrug to stock up on their other fragrances!

Boots Simply Sensitive Micellar Wipes


I love micellar water products and these wipes were cheap, but did the job just as well as a branded version. They took off all my face make up (and most of my eye makeup) with little effort and left my skin feeling clean but not tight or dry, like some wipes do. Amazing quality for the price.



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