Makeup Revolution New-Trals vs Neutrals (ABH Renaissance dupe?)

I tend to play it safe with eyeshadows. I know what types of shades I like and tend to stick with that. But, when I do feel a little more daring I have nothing to work with. So, I decided to expand my collection and when I recently spotted the Anastasia Beverly Hills Renaissance palette, the colours spoke to me. However, I wasn’t sure that once I got them on my face that I would actually like them. And that palette is not cheap. So, I decided to try out a few colour dupes.

After a few minutes research, I quickly came across the Makeup Revolution New-Trals vs Neutrals Palette for only £6.99. The colours were lovely and seemed to be quite similar to the ABH palette, so I thought why not. Except it was constantly sold out. Fast forward four months, and I finally managed to get hold of it.

Unlike other Makeup Revolution palettes, the lid is matte and rubbery – which I do like, it gives it a fancy touch.


You get 16 shades and a dual ended brush for £6.99, which is a steal. I may or may not use the brush. The ones that come with palettes are usually a bit naff, but this one seems ok. One end is a packer brush and the other, a dense blending brush.


The colours are gorgeous and not totally dissimiliar to the ABH palette.

As usual, Makeup Revolution did not let me down with the pigmentation of the shades.


Left: Top Row
Right: Bottom Row

The first time I tried out the shades, I was pleasantly surprised at how blendable they were. Sometimes, with less expensive products, they can be a bit chalky, or difficult to work with, but all of the colours in this palette were easy to use.

For the look below, I swept Neutral into the crease, buffed Adapt into the outer corner and underneath the lower lash line, and pressed a tiny bit of Style on the inner corners, with a little Bias under the brow bone. Okay, so this wasn’t exactly out of my comfort zone but, it’s a good example of how the eyeshadows actually performed.


I’m not loving that lip colour.

I went to see my bestie, leaving the house at 10am and returning around 6.30pm. I had not touched up my makeup at all during this time. As you can see below, my foundation disappeared in the humidity and my face was incredibly oily.

I look so happy…


The eyeshadow faded a bit and creased, but it was still very much there when I got home. I didn’t use primer and forget to prep my eyelids with concealer. I was so impressed with its longevity for such a low price. Also, I’m coming around to that Soap & Glory Mascara. It’s working for me lately.


The creasing and fading is about the same as my Too Faced Sweet Peach palette, which is high-end, which was a bit of a surprise.

I’m really impressed with New-Trals vs Neutrals. It’s pigmented, blendable, long-lasting and affordable.



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