Holika Holika Pig Nose, Clear Blackhead 3 Step Kit

Korean women generally have the most clear and beautiful skin in the world. That is largely due to the insane amount of amazing, revolutionary skin care they have access to. It’s something that is a curiosity to the western world and in the last few months, we have started to find that more and more K-Beauty is available to us.

Despite convincing myself that blackhead pore strips and masks don’t work, I couldn’t help but feel a bit excited when I saw the Holika Holika Pig Nose 3 Step Kit, meant to completely clear your skin.  The link is to BeautyBay but I got mine from a UK seller for much cheaper.


There were no English instructions on the mask at all, so I ended up googling what each sachet was for and found a few Youtube videos in which the girls ended up crying whilst peeling this off. I couldn’t decide whether it was all done to garner ratings, or if it was actually going to hurt. Either way, I was not exactly thrilled.

Step One turned out to be a skin softening mask to draw the blackheads from within the skin. This was my favourite bit. It left my nose feeling soft and hydrated. I almost wanted to stop there.


Step Two was the obligatory pore strip. It was extremely stiff, even when applied to my wet face.


I waited a few minutes longer than the recommended 15 and found it easy enough to peel off. I could tell that it hadn’t worked well as I did this. And there was not one single blackhead, whitehead or hair attached the extremely sticky strip.


Despite that waste of time, I moved on to Step Three, which turned out to be a jelly sheet mask. I knew I was going to hate it as soon as I opened it. It wouldn’t stay put and kept sliding down my nose. I ended up taking it off after a few minutes because it was just annoying me, continually flapping when I breathed.


I was not impressed with this blackhead kit. I really did like the first mask though. If it was the only one available, I’d repurchase, but as it stands, I won’t. I don’t think it worked for me. My nose looked no different at the end, than when I started.



2 responses to “Holika Holika Pig Nose, Clear Blackhead 3 Step Kit

  1. I stopped using nose strips completely since they never really work 😦 my sister swears by some from Nivea or whatever but i dont believe that they work at all.

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