June Favourites

Nightmare High


Students dreams start to come true whenever they visit their new teacher’s office.

The best thing about Netflix is the access to Korean and Japanese dramas. I love anything slightly absurd and they always seem to fit the bill. I stumbled upon Nightmare High on a weekend off from work and finished the full season of 12 15-20 minute long episodes in an afternoon. It’s actually pretty clever and has a lot of life lessons smuggled in there.

DermaV10 Caviar Radiance Eye Cream


I have to admit, I’ve always been a bit of a snob when it comes to DermaV10. They’re always really cheap and because of that, I dismiss them as being rubbish. However, I received their Caviar Eye Cream at CarnLIVal and it’s a great everyday eye cream. It has a tightening effect that I enjoy (it makes me feel like it’s really working) and my under eye area always looks refreshed after using it. My makeup also applies like a dream over it. I love the thick consistency and its practically scentless, which is good for sensitive eyes.

W7 Mega Matte Lips in Caked


W7 was always one of those brands that I thought were for kids and never paid it much attention, until recently. I was in my local B&M, picking up snacks for work, when I spotted their display and saw that the lipsticks were on offer for £1.99. The colour of Caked was lovely, so I decided to just try it. I was so surprised. The Mega Matte formula is similar to Nyx Lingerie, it goes on opaque with a single coat and dries down quickly. The lipstick smells a little marshmallowy, like Collection Velvet Kiss. It lasts for hours, even when eating and drinking. I’ve had so many compliments when wearing this. I love it.

Hate List by Jennifer Brown


I’ve written a full review on this in What I Read In June, so I won’t go into detail. Hate List is the story of a girl whose boyfriend shoots up their school, and how she deals with the aftermath. It’s sad and poignant but brilliantly written.

Deep Moisturising Revitalising Coconut Water Foot Mask


This smells like coconut (but not very strongly, so I approve), leaves your feet feeling baby soft and is so easy to use. I got this for 99p from B&M but they’re also sold on Amazon. This mask is so good for when your feet are in need of some serious hydration. I like to use these after a particularly long day at work, or simply when I feel like pampering myself.



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