Oh K! Panda Sheet Mask

I don’t like sheet masks. There, I said it. They’re annoying. They constantly slide down your face, there’s just too much jelly, oily, serum gunk going on and the flappy bits that won’t stick down continue to flap each time you breathe. I’ve said it many times, but they make me feel like a chainsaw wielding hick.

And what possessed me to try yet another sheet mask, you ask?
My mother didn’t raise a quitter.

Oh K! are a skin care brand that is stocked with BeautyBay, but I received the Panda Face Fibre Face Mask at CarnLIVal. Those goody bags were amazing, you don’t even know.

Supposedly, this mask will leave your skin feeling deeply nourished and looking illuminated from within. Hmm. I’ve always thought sheet masks with pictures on them were moderately creepy, but I decided to give it a whirl.

The packaging is adorable, but I didn’t expect any less from a K beauty inspired brand. I did think it was a bit excessive though. The inner packet was fine, the resealable outer wallet seemed pointless.

I opened it up and slapped that slimy mask onto my face. First impressions; it smells gorgeous. I can’t think what it reminded me of, but it was fresh and clean scented, which is never a bad thing. I tried as best I could to line the holes up with my eyes but it constantly shrouded my vision. I think I definitely have the wrong facial proportions for these types of masks. Or maybe I just have a big head. The panda face also kind of bothered me. Every time I looked in the mirror I just…


I look so unimpressed, it’s kind of sad.


Hello darkness, my old friend

I then got into the bath and despite not moving at all whilst I read The Cement Garden (which will be featured in What I Read in June), the mask continued to slide down my face. No matter how I fixed it, it continued to slip until it was hanging off my chin. Then, after continually readjusting and sticking it back in place, it would come free from the sides of my face, especially the nose. It constantly hung off my nose, flopping about whenever I breathed and just generally pissing me off.

I don’t know what it is about sheet masks but they all feel disgusting. This was no exception. It was sloppy and felt horrible on my skin. I gave up after about 10 minutes – even though the recommended time was 20 – and threw it in the bin. There was so much residue on my face that I couldn’t massage it all in. I sat in the bath for about an hour and it still hadn’t been absorbed, so I ended up washing it off my face as I couldn’t stand it any longer.

If you’re into sheet masks then you might like this one, but I honestly didn’t enjoy using it. Face masks are supposed to be therapeutic but this just made me feel like I needed a wash. I couldn’t tell you what the benefits where, other than those listed on the packaging, as I wasn’t able to stand wearing it long enough to find out.



6 responses to “Oh K! Panda Sheet Mask

  1. I’ve noticed the serum not absorbing in a lot of sheet masks too. I haven’t used one since my last review, which was in like.. december i think? I’ve found other face masks to work a lot better for me. Peel-off masks are especially satisfying as long as they don’t hurt!


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