MUA Luxe Lip Lacquers

I love a good liquid lipstick and, on the hunt for more affordable options, I found that MUA do a Luxe line of Velvet Lip Lacquers for only £3 each. I picked out two in Splash and Gravity.

Gravity, a brown-nude with a grey undertone (what a surprise), is perfect for wearing day-to-day, with pretty much any makeup. Whilst Splash is a gorgeous deep blue and completely out of my comfort zone.


First of all, I love the packaging. For the price, it’s quite luxurious and although its plastic and not glass, it does look very pretty when displayed. The applicator is a typical doe foot, but it felt kind of firm compared to others I’ve tried. There wasn’t much in the way of that spongy texture you get with other brands. I did miss that but it’s not the end of the world. The smell also isn’t the best. It’s like chemicals, but disappears once its on your face.

The formula is thin, almost watery and so pigmented. It applied evenly, only one swipe of product need, without being too sticky, which is unusual and amazing for the price. Gravity especially was easy to work with and I really loved how it looked on me. It’s the type of shade I usually gravitate towards.


It dried down within a minute but it still gave me time to correct the inevitable mistakes. Because I’m not a neat and tidy sort of girl. I mean, you’ve seen my eyebrows.

The formula is 100% transfer proof and I can honestly say I do not own any other lipsticks that work this well. I applied it around noon, before running some errands before heading off to work and at 5pm, on my break, I found it was still going, but it had faded. This photo is after 5 hours of humidity, food, drinks (both hot and cold) and generally chewing on my lips; which is a bit of a bad habit.

I look so dopey.


I ended up taking this off not long after the photo because my lips were feeling a little dehydrated. I have naturally dry lips and apply lip balms a lot throughout the day so I was itching to get out the ol’ Nivea Hydro Care (which is my favourite lip balm of all time, it’s so hydrating and doesn’t smell of anything). But, if I hadn’t I don’t think it would have budged.

I tried out Splash and LOVE it. I’m still figuring out how I would wear it because it’s too pretty not to be seen. However, it’s a bit patchy. Dark colours usually are, so I was expecting this. For reference, this is how it looks on:


The only real issue is there’s no elasticity to the formula, so as soon as you smile for that first time, the perfect layer of lipstick stretches and you end up with wrinkly looking lips. Which, you know, it’s not horrible but I like my lips to look a bit more hydrated. Otherwise, for £3, it’s a steal and I will definitely be picking up some more colours in the future.



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