Anatomicals Face Mask

I love a face mask and after several disappointing attempts at sheet masks, I’ve gone back to the old favourites. Clay and cream. I received the Anatomicals The Hottie Tottie Is Never Spotty Anti-Blemish Mask at CarnLival and I was kind of excited to use it. I’d never tried anything by the brand before and it’s always fun to try something new. My skin has been acting up lately, so I was feeling in need of something to tame the beast.


Before I even thought about getting out a container to store what would undoubtedly be a second application, I slapped about half of this on my face. It smelled fine, nothing really distinctive jumped out at me, but 10/10 would smell again.


Clearly thrilled in this photo.

I left it on the chops for about 10 minutes, while I sorted out my stuff and warmed up the shower. It didn’t tingle or burn or anything, just sat on my face like a thick moisturiser. When it came time to wash it off, it hadn’t set so I presumed it never would and went ahead and rinsed it off anyway. Afterwards my face felt pretty much the same. Not tightness or dry patches. Just my face with its normal skin. Nothing exciting happened. It’s a basic, gentle face mask.  It didn’t break me out, or cause any irritation which I liked. I’ve not got particularly sensitive skin, but lately I’ve been having problems with masks.

Honestly, I probably wouldn’t bother picking this up to try again. It was nice, but pretty bog standard.



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