Miss Sporty Really Me Foundation Stick

I’m no longer a girl on a strict budget, but I’ve gotten into the habit of trying out inexpensive makeup and a lot of it is actually pretty good. So, I keep going back to Superdrug and looking at a few budget products that I want to try, one of them being the Miss Sporty Really Me Foundation Stick.

Before I ordered this, I’d seen a ton of good reviews on Youtube but unfortunately, most of these have been bought and you generally can’t trust this platform for honest reviews anymore. So, I decided to see for myself.


The packaging is adorable and a lot nicer than I was expecting for £3.99. It’s in millennial pink and you get a fair amount of product. I chose the shade Really Ivory 1, which is the lightest shade they offer. I wasn’t expecting much from the colour match because it is so cheap, but it was probably one of the best matches I’ve found in years. It looked pretty orange on the back of my hand, but on the face it was perfect. It’s a neutral ivory, which is so rare in drug store foundations as they’re often either very pink or very yellow.

It goes on like a dream, which I had not anticipated. I’d never tried a stick foundation before and I was expecting it to be tough and to drag on my skin, but this glided on with no tugging at all. I found it really easily to go overboard and on my first attempt, I ended up with a greasy, cakey face.

My second attempt went much better and I learned quickly that less is DEFINITELY more. It also went on nicer with a brush than a blending sponge, as that tended to leave it patchy. It’s not streaky (at least that I noticed) and looked natural, skimming over my pores slightly.


The cover is light to medium and it is buildable, but I would not recommend it. My face felt horribly greasy and thick with product from thin layers. Otherwise, I was happy with how this looked.

The next thing I added was contour, but before I went in I left it a few minutes to set. I had this awful feeling the foundation would rub off when I started blending out. Once it was dry enough, my contour went on great and blended out beautifully – much better than it normally does. Then I set my face and began layering on blush etc.

Everything was going just okay, until it came time to do my eyebrows. At this point, I nearly lost my temper, wiped the whole thing off and gave up. Because it’s such a slick foundation, it slips and slides – even when set. It got into my brows and it took an excruciatingly long and difficult time to get these basic, sad brows done. By the end of it, I was out for blood. Then, my eyeshadow wouldn’t sit right and my lipstick around the lip line was feathery – which it never is. Liquid lipsticks never feather on me.

The finish is demi-matte and I loved it. It’s the type of foundation finish I like, but isn’t always the best for combination to oily skin. Especially with drug store foundations. Right now, most of them seem to be matte and I’m not about that.

This is the finished look that I was not very happy with. Let me just say that.


Eyes are done with the Sweet Peach palette and honestly, the more I use it the less impressed I am.

I don’t know if you can really tell from the picture, but it had settled in my pores around and on my nose, as well as my forehead pores and lines. It wasn’t incredibly obvious, so I thought I could live with it. Except I made the mistake of touching my face (which had been set with powder and had many other powders layered across it) and half my makeup came off on my hand. If I hadn’t been so pissed off I would’ve taken a photo.

I’ve tried it a few times since, setting it with more and more powder each time, using primers and setting sprays and it barely lasts more than a few hours before starting to break apart. Unfortunately, this foundation stick isn’t for me.

The rest of it came off easily with a heavy-duty cleanser and luckily, didn’t break out my skin at all. I can usually tell immediately after removing makeup if it’s going to cause me any problems later on.

If you have dry to normal skin, this could be a great foundation for you. I definitely would not suggest wearing this if you have combination or oily skin as it just doesn’t stay put. The colour range is rubbish, but the fair shades are nice and I would recommend Really Ivory if you’re like me – pale, but not that pale with neutral to cool undertones. If you have a really great setting powder and spray, then it could be worth giving it a go.



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